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Ricerca Gnome

I luoghi comuni del linguaggio

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Glossaries and their use in educational material

Review of objectives, tools and formats. Discussion on possible use inside WE-COLLAB pilots.

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Lesson based on the UDL model

Presentation of examples for the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language based on the UDL model.

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Development of a Student Feedback App for the WE-COLLAB project

References to objectives and tools, notes on the software development, preliminary version of instructions for the user.

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Subject Fields in Termbases - Their Design, Use and Representation

From the paper abstract: "Due to the lack of guidelines and standards for subject fields, their application in termbases risks being ad-hoc…

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Dinâmica de grupo "Cegos, mancos e mudos"

Conheça esta dinâmica de grupo "Cegos, mancos e mudos", a qual ajudará você a debater sobre Comunicação. Bem criativa e leva todo seu grupo…

For a "dual' use of language technologies.

Proposal for a Working Group on Open and Inclusive Language Education, with some guiding ideas (manifesto?) for the experimentation and development of approaches that favour the re-use of NLP technologies.

Note 1 - 'Dual-use' normally refers to the (military - civil) pair. Here I use the term with reference to the pair (language industry - edu…

Giovanni | Oct. 16, 2022

The design of a Student Feedback App

Some preliminary ideas regarding specifications and design inside the WE-COLLAB project

The project WE-COLLAB addresses challenges that often characterise poorly designed online courses, such as ‘Zoom fatigue’, high…

Giovanni | July 24, 2022

CommonSpaces and minisites

What are minisites? Some examples and main features.

It has been a long time since Andrea wrote the last of the few articles on this blog. This is also a sign that, in the meantime, as a resul…

Giovanni | July 15, 2022