Tecnologie NFC applicate al turismo

LP creation   -  child project of: Tecnologie per il turismo   -  Community: Sapienza. University of Rome 1 - Original editing language: unknown

The NFC is an easy and intuitive technology used for transfer data from an NFC lector (also call tag NFC) to a mobile device (smartphone, tablet). Like the QR code the NFC tag allow the relationship between all the based information like Web site, social networks, and any other information, but the NFC spread a more complex information so with this technology you can pay without money or buy tickets for urban transport. For the cultural and touristic applications the NFC allow the adaptation for an itinerary where the tourist obtain some personalised informations based on the description, the visit he made, the target, the preferences and even the day and the hour when he goes to visit something. For the proper function of this technology the mobile terminal need an NFC lector and the user need to turn on the NFC on the mobile device with all the standard like with the bluetooth or the wifi.

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