The potential of augmented reality

min. 7:30 e min. 8:50, mette in pratica quanto esposto dal nodo precedente. what is it what is their orbit reality 00:05 it's a technology that combines the 00:08 virtual world and real gold by 00:11 overlaying digital interactive content 00:14 on the real world 00:15 I'll show you demonstrations on and off 00:18 that's why the others really happen 00:20 sorry for that and so please sit back 00:23 and enjoy and the key thing is you have 00:27 to keep looking at the big screen right 00:29 here right so you will see the real ball 00:33 on the virtual gold or the big screen so 00:36 keep looking at the big screen all right 00:55 who've been wonderful 00:58 the holy city of Liberty 01:00 beautiful out here the magical and 01:04 divine power is everywhere all around me 01:07 I see it everywhere going everywhere 01:10 it's all due to the blessings of Lord 01:14 Venkateshwara and before him I pray 01:32 yeah the movie 01:34 Gavin Kelly world is my home and we are 01:38 a global citizen I have traveled across 01:42 many countries working on many countries 01:44 but us that's the country I worked it 01:48 has taught me many good things work 01:50 ethics good passion for human being 01:54 India I went back to India as fast as I 01:57 could 01:57 it's been a great story so far in India 02:01 with the new company started why do I 02:03 think about India there are many things 02:06 I love India the first is a culture the 02:09 youth and among culture is the most 02:12 diverse in the culture Sun comes your IT 02:21 it is the brand LT of freedom and who 02:26 can forget the magical mystical of 02:28 Bollywood that has captured the 02:30 imagination of the world 02:39 now one more thing has captured my 02:44 imagination know that I'm in India it's 02:49 the power of smartphones the amount of 02:53 adoption that phones are put in India hi 02:56 Dino what are you doing here anyways so 03:07 that's 830 million phones out in India 03:10 and the 20% market share in smartphones 03:14 that's huge I strongly believe that 03:17 Indian consumers are ready to consume 03:20 content 03:22 sir 03:30 come on guys go away I have to talk 03:32 about smartphones anyways so the 03:38 smartphone's 03:38 I think with the advent of 4G 03:41 smartphones and the content it's going 03:43 to be really cool I think India is 03:45 poised to be the next big power in terms 03:47 of come on 04:02 going what can I say guys now what I'm 04:14 going to know that I show you some 04:15 examples these are some examples of 04:17 augmented reality now that I showed what 04:21 it could do the possibilities of AR I 04:23 want to explain the content a bit few 04:27 examples all right so what we have is a 04:33 Tropicana juice so just think how this 04:36 Tropicana juice could be made 04:39 interactive by the brand managers so I'm 04:42 going to point the Tropicana form here 05:05 as I see the three-dimensional and 05:08 attracts real-time 05:22 that brands can English 05:27 especially young minds for the picture 05:29 of you are fucking spending 05:33 the string of grant application 05:36 and it uses an existing of package so 05:41 that thing does no marker the blue hole 05:42 this is a visual 05:45 singing huh Tropicana and convert an 05:48 existing packaging directive one recipe 05:54 for 05:56 it's a new medium we look at it right 05:58 the brand's communicate on one extreme 06:01 on Prince Prince could be a newspaper or 06:05 magazines or posters could be packaging 06:09 these are all Prince so they spend small 06:11 amount but the volume is very huge so 06:14 huge money getting spent on static print 06:16 media on the other extreme they spend a 06:19 lot of money on digital medium which is 06:21 television Internet it's powerful 06:24 because it's digital interactive what 06:26 augmented reality does is it uses two 06:29 concepts right the mobile smartphone is 06:31 now at the end of young a community like 06:33 you all so it uses that and it converts 06:35 your existing static content there's no 06:38 change there's no QR code it converts 06:40 the existing static content into 06:41 interactive digital content but that's a 06:45 good way of communicating with your 06:47 consumers that you want to communicate 06:48 that's the idea behind it and I want to 06:50 show you one next more example so I 06:56 assume this is a typical page or the 07:01 magazine where he does is trying to 07:03 communicate a few things now question is 07:05 how the static page with no code what 07:08 server can be made interactive for 07:11 adidas to consume with engage with the 07:13 brand's here we go 07:45 want to figure out how to buy it that 07:48 the hall must built inside right very 07:53 good 07:53 so that's one example look at all the 08:07 on the UI system 08:12 I copy and this is a very interesting 08:17 few kids would have seen it there's a 08:20 company called my copy 08:21 they sell notebooks primarily for two 08:25 colleges across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka 08:28 it's called my copy they come in five 08:29 different cover page different design 08:34 and they have coupons inside so we 08:36 worked with my copy very closely and you 08:39 made their cover page interactive visual 08:44 interactive so I want to show a 08:45 demonstration what's been done in the 08:47 last few months so here we go this is a 08:50 speech and if you look at it that is a 08:53 nine stone comes up live on the book 08:56 right here we go and you say stop 09:01 anywhere there is mr. Einstein on our 09:16 flow and is walking very is walking day 09:23 Miya Miya Nikita Naya no naka de la 09:27 Miranda very are in the little gate very 09:29 here 09:42 so what it does is we deliver very 09:46 interesting dialogues every week to the 09:48 student community across colleges 09:50 versatility and when you share this 09:53 picture as you see can you take a 09:56 picture yes so you can capture at any 10:04 point of time once you capture and post 10:06 on your Facebook the my copy has teamed 10:09 up with brands to deliver coupons so 10:12 Pajero is sov out of Chennai and one 10:17 more example of how a existing page on a 10:20 magazine that communicates pájaros 10:23 ability to the consumers could be are 10:27 taking advantage using augmented reality 10:29 once again is using engage platform here 10:32 we go and I'm going to keep it on the 10:35 floor it could be a kept on anywhere now 10:37 if you look at it this is going to show 10:39 a demonstration 11:01 you want to and there are some action 11:15 objects look at it that is a low play 11:17 video that we play from here that is the 11:19 register win to get coupons and that is 11:22 a general communication so these are 11:24 things trans typically do to get with 11:27 consumers and be using trying to take 11:30 the advantage of smartphones on the 11:31 software to make sure that it could be 11:33 made interactive one more example a 11:35 smartphone Samsung now you see how this 11:38 could be made interactive 12:31 different lighter note let's you know 12:37 India is a country of Bollywood that's 12:40 pretty much I think some photos and 12:41 movies that gets launched on a monthly 12:43 basis and people are exploring a various 12:46 methods to monetize the pre-launch thing 12:51 one of the ways to get more money from 12:54 the audio launches so what they're 12:56 trying to do here is use existing static 13:00 print to make people to download songs 13:03 before the movies launched so especially 13:06 the audio downloads and nowadays audio 13:09 is sold more online than through CDs so 13:12 movement is going to show you a 13:13 demonstration how the engage platform 13:16 could be used in the movie industry to 13:18 push the audio downloads here you go 13:45 few demonstrations 13:47 I'll take exactly five more minutes then 13:49 I'll be done 13:51 one key application sorry guys 13:55 three more minutes so one quick 13:58 demonstration in architecture I think 14:00 that's the last demonstration yeah a 14:21 physical building coming up live 14:24 wherever you keep the sheet could be on 14:26 your dining room it could be on your 14:28 hall and the best part is is a 3d you 14:31 could look closer and every angle so 14:33 your existing imagery that's on your 14:36 print media could be made digitally 14:37 interactive you can go look at it 14:39 and if you want to look at the interior 14:40 as a walk through touch it you can go in 14:43 and look at the interior in any way you 14:47 want 14:48 so suddenly were static content that's 14:50 on newspaper the real estate builders 14:53 have opportunity to engage with the 14:55 consumers in an interactive way here you 14:58 go right that's the power of smartphone 15:01 does power of technology and the key 15:04 thing is it was developed in India for 15:06 Indians I had the chance to do it 15:09 outside India I had the chance to sell 15:12 it outside India but very cautiously it 15:16 was done here by the Indians for India 15:18 so I'm going to put the point out in 15:21 India for now so let's see what happens 15:22 later on 15:29 so I know enough of Technology 15:37 enough of AR I'm standing here in front 15:43 of a certain community right I have a 15:46 decent number of experience I work in 15:48 the industry for 20 years I would say 20 15:51 years plus and I know I picked up a few 15:54 things here and there 15:55 as I worked so I would like to share a 15:58 few thoughts a few thoughts how to be 16:00 successful in this industry add to your 16:03 as a as a final remarks on the first 16:06 foremost thing that you have to do this 16:09 thing is you have to believe in yourself 16:11 very very important I Know Who I am 16:16 I know what I believe but that's all I 16:20 need to know from there I do what I have 16:23 to do that's the most important mindset 16:26 you need to have very important and one 16:28 thing I have noticed is I know India is 16:31 in a mode to acquire wealth I in the 16:34 last five years so there's a lot of you 16:35 know raise a lot of you know pulling 16:39 down and cat a dog is happening rat race 16:41 whatever it is you call it but you know 16:43 guys should remember there is no 16:46 shortcut to success talent is one thing 16:48 skill is one thing definitely I wouldn't 16:51 call myself talented I don't think I was 16:52 born with the talent what as 16:54 differentiated me is in a ridiculous 16:58 amount of work ethics so you have to 17:01 work work work when somebody is leaving 17:04 you have to work when somebody's you 17:06 know just having a good time you have to 17:08 work that is that is something that you 17:10 that will give the skillset that you 17:13 need to have said the definitely is 17:15 important then other key thing is don't 17:18 look at you know go and build a big 17:21 castle or whatever focus on small things 17:23 leave one brick at a time 17:24 and they do that you have to make sure 17:27 you do lay the brick precisely the best 17:29 way possible right that's very important 17:32 other thing is focus you have to focus 17:35 and focus and focus right you don't need 17:37 to have a plan B plan B 17:40 distracts you from planning right so 17:42 just 17:43 get in your head that hey I'm going to 17:46 succeed I am going to focus I'm going to 17:48 get in town 17:50 the other thing is I need have a 17:51 desperation to succeed right the way you 17:54 feel desperate to breathe then inside of 17:57 water the same desperation need to have 17:59 to succeed that's very very important 18:01 so to summarize it right just to 18:04 summarize it here we go right so first 18:07 is you have to believe in yourself 18:10 to shortcut to success three four focus 18:19 focus 18:19 fine six 18:25 so all this are very very very important 18:30 they are very interlinked so please make 18:32 a positive difference by making 18:34 somebody's life better you make your 18:38 life better 18:39 that's very very important and biggest 18:41 rodent community as you step into real 18:43 world you have to do it right so thank 18:46 you very much bye time to shade it

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