Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial (UC Berkeley)

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This tutorial presents the substance of the web searching workshops formerly offered by the UC Berkeley Library (Teaching Library Internet Workshops). The term "Research-quality Web Searching" reflects the belief that there is a lot of great material on the Web - primary sources, specialized directories and databases, statistical information, educational sites on many levels, policy, opinion of all kinds - and tools for finding it are steadily improving. Objectives: Provide a learning resource for anyone interested in finding information on the World Wide Web. Contents: Recommended Search Strategy: Analyze Your Topic & Search With Peripheral Vision - Search Tools (Search Engines, Subject Directories, Meta-Search Engines, Invisible Web) - Evaluating Web Pages: Why and How and evaluation checklist forms (PDFs) - Style Sheets for Citing Resources (Print & Electronic) - Glossary of Internet & Web Jargon - Handouts and PowerPoints used in the workshops. [Last update: 2012] - - NOTE: **Broken link**, website's archived version retrieved with Internet Wayback Machine (Snapshot: Nov-10-2015).

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