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In the European Copyright framework the rights of users and public interest organisations are codified as exceptions and limitations to the exclusive rights of authors and other rightsholders. As such, they form one side of the balance between the rights of creators to exercise control of their works and the rights of the public to access culture and information. While the exclusive rights of creators and other rightsholders have been largely harmonised across the 28 member states of the European Union, exceptions and limitations are far from harmonised. On this site we document the implementation status of the 22 exceptions and limitations to copyright for all 28 member states. presents the information as either a series of maps showing the implementation status for each exception, or as a table showing the implementation of all exceptions in all member states. In the map view you can use the menu on the left of the map to select an exception and explore the map. In the table view you click on each individual cell to go a page with detailed information about that implementation.

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