Captación y fidelización de turistas mediante gadgets NFC

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The attracting and loyalty of tourists is a complex task in which large and small tour operators, companies and institutions devote their efforts using strategies, generally based on discounts, promotions and multimedia advertising. Techniques of mass dissemination, few tailored to the end target, with low impact and with the difficulty of measuring the success achieved. Near Field Communication technology (NFC) has experienced a large presence in the last two years and it will be the usual method of payment in 2020, it can also be an ideal tool for the engagement of tourists and the evaluation of promotional strategies and tourist offers. In this paper, we discuss a solution based on the use of NFC gadgets as a method of communication with tourists. Companies and institutions achieve and possibly attract tourist through NFC gadgets. These gadgets offer its owner a set of applications for personal use that are of interest for himself/herself and which do not require the installation of a mobile application. Through a service platform that will be described in this paper, companies can associate in a personalized way, every gadget, or groups of gadgets, a gift (the gift) consisting of any offers or promotional information which can be updated according to the established business strategy, being viewed by any user each time he/she touches the gadget. Gifts can include any type of multimedia information, satisfaction surveys, coupons and deals, etc., that can be accessed by the owner of the gadget or any user who touches the gadget using an NFC device. The solution is based on an open service that generates dynamic web applications. These applications can be associated with the gadget at any time and personalized by the gadget owner. In addition, this platform integrates notification systems through several instant messaging applications and social networks that allow alerting the user so that he touches the gadget for the reception of a new gift. The collection of user behaviour for any user interaction with the gift, and by means of surveys, enables companies to customize their offers and to improve their attracting and loyalty strategies.

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author: Irene Luque Ruiz
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author: Miguel Ángel Gómez-Nieto
publisher: International Journal of Scientific Management and Tourism
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The NFC technology is a valid instrument for the company that works in tourism sector and is even used to produce different experiences for the tourist itself.

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