Open tools

Open tools

(work in progress)

CommonSpaces (CS) is basically a collaborative platform, structured into Communities and Projects, and the access to most of its  functions and resources is reserved to registered users working in dedicated spaces.

However, a few tools that were developed inside CS-related projects with considerable effort can be exposed safely and usefully to a wider audience, as long as a considerate use is made of them. So far we have identified two of them.

Multilingual glossary editor

You can access it from the Tools -> Glossaries menu of the CS platform or the WE-COLLAB site or ..

An introduction and background information can be found in a section of the learning pathway ... .

A User Guide is in preparation

Multilingual text-analysis toolkit

We developed an extensive set of functions for analysing text materials in many languages, mainly educational resources developed and/or cataloged with CS. Those functions can be also run on corpora of documents.

We allow the casual user to run some of them on texts specified through a simple interactive form. Please, start with simple and short texts, and stop when late or no response, or repeated system errors suggest that the capacities of the systems  have been exceeded.

You can access the toolkit from the Tools -> Text analysis menu of the CS platform or the WE-COLLAB site or ..