Four decades in education and technology. Teacher, school principal, father of Glow (Scotland), international education specialist, consultant (I Am Learner)

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John Connell is an Education Expert and Strategist with wide experience across all the key sectors in education. He worked for more than 25 years in the public sector in Scotland, at all levels of education from teacher and principal/headteacher to government policy adviser and national project Director.

In 2001, John initiated and then led for 6 years the world-class Scottish Schools Digital Network project, now known as Glow. This is Scotland’s national connected schools programme, digitally linking all of Scotland's 3,000 schools, and comprising a national broadband network, national content delivery network and a national learning platform. The learning platform is entirely web-based and includes a virtual learning environment, collaborative environment and an authentication system.

For 6 years, he was a business strategist for Cisco, working at the highest levels across Emerging Markets (Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS). He advised governments, universities and other bodies on the massive potential of 21st century education and networked learning, and supported them in identifying best practices from across the world.

John is co-Director, with his wife, Dr Marina Connell, of the ‘I Am Learner’ international education consultancy in 2012 ( and has advised clients across the world in areas such as:

• Harmonizing network architectures with educational imperatives
• Designing and implementing large-scale learning platforms
• Developing strategies for change-management, educational effectiveness, human capital development and curricular change
• Strengthening teacher professional development to meet the needs of the knowledge economy and to develop a 21st century pedagogy in schools, colleges and universities
• Building confidence in the use of collaborative technologies and social media both in education and in the wider society
• Strategic Education Planning for central and local government
• The Impact of the 4th Education Revolution on schools, colleges and universities

He has spoken at many important events and conferences across the world about the conjunction of education and technology.

John has an MBA from Edinburgh University Management School (2000) and an M.Ed (Educational & Information Technology) from Aberdeen University (1990).  John also has an MA (Hons) in Politics from Edinburgh University (1979) and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from Craigie College, Scotland (1980),

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