Sono studente di dottorato all'Università di Helsinki, sto scrivendo una tesi sui processi di apprendimento mediati dalle tecnologie digitali. In Common Spaces svolgo il ruolo di Community Manager.

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Giuseppe Ritella was granted a Master’s degree in Psychology of Organisation and Communication at the University of Bari in 2009. He is currently attending the doctoral programme ‘Developmental Work Research and Adult Education’ at the Center for Research on Activity, Development, and Learning, University of Helsinki. Since 2009, he has been actively participating in multiple national and international research projects in Italy and Finland. His main research interests are computer-supported collaborative learning, professional training, space– time management (chronotope), sense-making, dialogical theory, sociocultural research and
activity theory. GIuseppe has been cooperating with schools in teacher development training for many years, as a trainer on the following topics: curriculum based on competences, innovative educational practices, computer supported collaborative learning, special education.

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